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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray – A Great Aid in the Winter

The arrival of winter brings colder weather and in at least the more northern areas, the time to turn up the heat. The winter also marks the beginning of dry skin. And dry skin is more susceptible of paper and plastic cuts. A Moisturizer like Tahitian Noni Skin Supplement nurtures dry skin and keeps it...
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Shield Biomedicals Healing Ointment – A Handy Help in the Kitchen

Safety First is a motto frequently used in constructions sites, workplaces and commercial kitchens. Safety First is true for our home kitchens too. Even while carefully cooking and baking, cutting and chopping, little accidents do happen. Most of these mishaps are followed with “I can’t believe I did that!”. Shield Biomedicals Healing Ointment is a...
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