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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray

It’s always great to find one product that does everything you need it to do. It saves space, time and money. That is what Morinda Bioactive's Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray will do for you. Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray is really four products in one effective and convenient spray. It provides instant protection against infection...
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Shield Biomedicals Healing Ointment

A cut, a scrape, even the seemingly insignificant paper cut opens up the area below the skin to possible infection. Shield Biomedicals Ointment can offer protection and help aid healing. Shield Healing Ointment fights infection by a remarkable antiobiotic bacitracin as well as a fast working pain reliever pramoxine HCl. Added to this special...
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Shield Biomedicals – Helps Protect You and Your Family

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control estimates that Americans visit doctors more than 12 million times per year for skin infections typically caused by staph bacteria? One of the easiest ways for skin infections to occur is through cuts, scrapes, burns or anything that opens up your skin. A little planning...
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Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray – Does Twice the Job

Most healing sprays are antiseptics leaving you to find something on your own for the pain. Not so with Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray. It combines the cleaning action of antiseptic with a pain reliever and then for extra measure nourishes and soothes the skin with botanical bioactives. Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray ingredients include benzalkonium...
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