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Morinda Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray

Have you ever experienced a time when a burn or a scrape was too painful to apply ointment. Just the memory of it can make you cringe. The good news is if you should ever find yourself or a family member in a position like that again Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray would be perfect to...
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Summer, Camping, Hiking and Shield Biomedicals First Aid Kit

Summer will officially be here in just a few days. Time for camping, hiking, biking, skateboarding and rollerblading. With the warm sunny weather and longer days everyone naturally stays outside and is more active, which sometimes can bring on mishaps. Learning how to rollerblade, skateboard or maybe the newest cyclist in the family might know...
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No Touch Healing Spray by Shield Biomedicals

Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray offers quick relief without having to touch the wound. What makes Shield Healing Spray a premier product is that it uses both over the counter pain relief and topical antiseptic yet includes botanical ingredients for faster healing. People using Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray like the fact that it provides pain relief quickly...
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Five Places to Keep a Shield BioMedicals First Aid Kit

The five best places to keep a Shield First Aid Kit would really depend on you and your family. Where you spend the most time is often where potential mishaps happen. In most households this is the kitchen. Between eating, meal prep and cooking, doing dishes, a good part of your awake hours of the...
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Shield Biomedicals Ointment

This innovative home health product is especially embraced by people who purchase products with natural ingredients. Shield Biomedicals Ointment combines a unique blend of soothing botanicals with over the counter pain relief and antibiotic to guard against infection. One of the ingredients – Noni Seed Oil has high concentrations of linoleic acid, an omega...
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No Touch First Aid Treatment with Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray

There are times when applying an ointment is the best first aid. There are other times when the thought of touching the injured area hurts. Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray was designed with this in mind. The unique formula contains a pain reliever that acts immediately. Shield Healing Spray also contains a topical antiseptic helping to...
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Be Prepared with the Shield Biomedical First Aid Kit

If you were ever a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, you would know the motto that was sewn on your uniform and recited at every meeting - “Be Prepared”. Being prepared takes some of the pressure off of human or natural caused emergencies. Having a First Aid Kit can make a big difference if an...
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Shield Biomedicals Healing Spray

Shield Healing Spray is a wonderful addition to any first aid kit or medicine cabinet. It delivers in four different ways. It prevents infection with a fast-acting topical antiseptic. Shield Healing Spray relieves pain immediately with a pain reliever. Vitamins E, C and A from the botanical ingredients are soaked into the skin providing...
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